You Tube

You Tube can be a great resource for researching and helping you plan your trips.
However, in addition to some of the most excellent sites we recommend below, there is also a huge amount of rubbish on there with everyone and their dog wanting their 15 minutes of fame.

To save wasting time listening to jerky footage, hard-to-hear voices and just plain dross, take a peek at the ones we prefer below:

If we’re missing your favourite and you think we should list them below, e-mail and we’ll add them.


These are people who share their daily or weekly travels around Florida with some hints & tips to help you plan your visit and get you familiarised with the layout and what to expect. Try searching within their YouTube pages for footage covering the hotels or restaurants that you particularly would like to visit.

Adam Hattan

Tim Tracker

Paging Mr. Morrow


Some parks have their own YouTube channels and can be very worth watching

Disney Parks

Universal Orlando



Kennedy Space Center


When you get around to planning where you would like to eat, getting some hints & tips on restaurants & snacks makes great sense.

Disney Food Blog