Step 3 – Who?

Who is coming on your holiday? Is it just you? maybe you and your partner? maybe the kids, maybe some friends, maybe even an entire extended family reunion of a dozen or more of you? Knowing who is coming will help formulate your later plans.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need to bring kids to make the most of it. If you have kids, you can’t really leave them at home but if you are yet to have a family or even if your kids have all flown the nest, there is still a whole load of things do do aimed at couples, singles or the retired.

One thing I have become very aware of is that the larger your party, the harder it is to get around the parks and consequently, the less you will achieve. We regularly holiday with some great friends but as a party of 6, when travelling from A to B, one stops to blow their nose, another then needs the loo, then someone is searching their handbag for a camera, then someone else stops to check Facebook and it just seems like we never get anything done. That said, we enjoy each others company and sharing the experiences and we don’t mind that trade-off of park efficiency. Just be aware of it. If you have a large party, consider splitting up during the day and meet back up for meals or particular shows & attractions where you can catch-up and swap stories.

Step 4 – Where?