Step 2 – Who, where, what, why, when, How?

So, you’re thinking a trip may be on the cards. Great news, you will have a blast.
The next part of planning raises these questions and actually, there is no particular order to answering these, they are all interlocked.
Who and when for example. If you have kids in school and don’t want to (or can’t) take them out of school then that dictates travelling in school holidays. Also, if taking older parents or relatives, that may affect when you want to go to avoid extreme heat in the height of summer.

We’ll cover all these in order on the next few pages but don’t think you have to resolve one before the other. Do mix and match these and juggle them around until you have a plan that suits YOU and your family.
There’s also no right or wrong answer, your holiday is all about doing what YOU want to do, not trying to have other people approve your plans. It is your holiday after all.

Step 3 – Who?