Step 1 – Is a Florida holiday for me?

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Personally, I would jump up and down saying “Yes, Yes, Yes!” but is it right for you?

Only you know the answer to that and I guess if it was out of the question, you wouldn’t be looking here for further information.
Whereas you can do a holiday in Florida on a budget, you have to think what you (and the people holidaying with you) want to get out of it.
It is going to cost several hundred pounds each just to fly there and back from the UK so my feeling has always been to save up and “do it properly”
If you are likely to end up going and having to say “No, we can’t afford to do that” then maybe you need to consider going elsewhere or delaying your visit until funds allow you do do everything your hearts desire.

Step 2 – Who, where, what, why, when, How?