Step 4 – Where?

Where to stay?

Disney currently has 25 hotel resorts on-site, Universal are building more and more and there are huge numbers of other places “off-site” to stay and enjoy your Florida holiday.

On or Off Site?

I’ve stayed in many places but these days, I always aim to stay “on-site” in a Disney Hotel. There are associated benefits to doing this but if you are on a strict budget, you may wish to consider staying off-site. Our very first trip in 1994 stayed in the very furthest away motel from Disney at the other end of the US192. We had a rental car so had no problem getting to the parks but it took a long time each morning and evening to commute. We still had a great time though and even though it was a budget motel, we were in the sunshine state so loved every minute of it.

Disney or Universal?

Both have lots of room options and each gives certain benefits in the parks for staying at one of their hotels. If you’re planning on doing one set of parks far more than the other then that could dictate your choice but again, it is whatever suits you that matters. Only you will know what is right for you.

Split stay?

You don’t need to stay in one place all the time, most of our earlier trips moved around to try out new experiences so staying a week in Disney and another week in Universal could be a great option for you. One of our best trips worked out as follows:

Oak Plantation Villas (5 nights) – Staying in a villa gave us the luxury of space, our own kitchen & laundry facilities and we loved it. We used our stay here to do all the non-Disney parks & shopping trips.
Disney All Star Music Resort (7 nights) – We then stayed at this value resort for a week and got immersed in the Disney bubble. Even being a value resort, we loved every moment of it.
Clearwater (4 nights) – After the first 12 nights, we were shattered and so planned to move to the beach for a rest which was lovely and gave us the chance to recharge our batteries before a final visit to the parks
Disney’s Wilderness Lodge – As a treat, we stayed our last few nights here in a luxury hotel. It was stunning but did we have a better time for paying more? Not so sure.

Although we loved this holiday, we now opt for staying in one place for ease but a split could be right for you?

Step 5 – When?