I have been a huge fan of Passporter for many years now.
Jennifer’s “system” has helped me plan several Florida holidays.
Originally, a loose-leaf binder with entries for every ride, attraction and restaurant, this brilliant resource also included details of each hotel room, its layout, size, amenities and so on.

It has now been updated to be a “Live Guide” where you can still access & even download the documents with some of them being interactive worksheets to help you plan.

In particular, the “system” contained loose-pocket envelopes and I still use those each time we visit WDW. Every evening, I sit down, go through my receipts and log them on the yellow pockets so I can track my spending compared to budget, check my dining credits and keep all my reservations and paperwork in one place.
I know that not everyone will want to do this but I do and judging by the success of Passporter, I guess many others do too.

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